Weld - MIG/TIG - Aluminum/SS/Steel

Welding is another fabrication skill often referred to as an art.  It is certainly a skill that some people never seem to grasp.  For most, it is developed and improved over time.  Without controls, this means that producing consistent production quality day in and day out is a challenge that needs assistance.

Whether your product needs a beautiful 'stack of dimes' aluminum TIG weld, or a meticulously dressed MIG weld for flawless finish; perhaps an anti-microbial flush finish, or a full penetration structural weld. Rhino has the ability to build a weld qualification to fit your project and perform accordingly.  Most of our customers do not know the type of weld that is actually required for the product; but perhaps they have the size, shape and frequency.  Some people need help specifying those criteria as well.

We have the equipment for, and welders skilled in TIG, MIG, fusion weld, spot welding, spray arc, pulse weld, decorative and structural weld.  Our Manufacturing engineers either have a weld process already qualified for your specific material type, thickness, joint configuration and weld type; or we're ready to start the creation of that weld process. 

To qualify a process, all weld parameters are documented: Part fit up, weld and wire speed, angle of the weld torch to the part presentation, temperature, surface preparation, voltage, amperage and more.  A quality weld must be produced to the process, and is then sent off to a lab for 3rd party verification of performance.  Once the process is approved, individual welders must now be audited to that process and have their welds inspected by a laboratory. 

Within our company training matrix are sections specific to weld processes and welders qualified to them.  In this manner, we can produce consistent results in a documented weld plan so that your welded parts are achieving the quality levels that you expect.

Weld Examples:

Welded Tube Frame and Weldment FixtureWelding ExampleSS Tube JointsAluminum Fuel Tank TIG