The people are truly what make Rhino Mfg Inc a special group to work with. 
Friends. Family. Partners. Team mates. 
These are all accurate ways to describe the people that make up Rhino.

We believe that business is a community.  Our manufacturing community is made up of many people:
Customers, Vendors, Employees and Owners.  We all work for the benefit of each other, and seek improvement for all through partnership.

Customer Service:
Everyone at Rhino is servicing our customers. 
However we have a team of 4 individuals, specifically responsible for servicing customer needs.  Their roles include new product estimating, contract acceptance and confirmation, product and project status updates, expediting and general project management.  Our  customers receive a level of communication that is second to none in our industry.  If you have not had the pleasure of working with our team, please call for a personal introduction.

Engineering and Programming:
Our engineering staff is comprised of our 3 most experienced fabricators, and holds a wealth of manufacturing knowledge.  This team not only models and programs the parts that we fabricate, they are area experts on our shop floor; and are hands on with training new equipment operators and launching new product in production.
With the ability to model parts, fixtures and tooling; we can design product from as little as a napkin sketch.  Were we really shine is in our ability to offer manufacturing engineering, value engineering a customers existing design for functional improvements and cost savings.

Production Team:
Operating as many as 3 full time shifts to support customer demand, our production team includes individuals that have as much as 20 years of fabrication experience.  Blanking, forming, hardware, weld & deburr, test and assembly.  We have specialists in all areas, yet maintain the ever important overlap and cross training of skill sets.   With constantly improving equipment and processes, this group is consistently our best source for time and cost improvement ideas, as well as quality control concepts.  As a manufacturing company, our customers' product comes to life on the shop floor.  Our team not take pride in their work, but these folks truly enjoy the challenge of new product.  Let us know when you are ready to join the excitement and see your parts in process.

Quality Assurance:
As a team, we aim to meet or exceed all customer expectations.  A quality team of 3 full time employees works all other groups in Rhino; assuring that processes and practices are in place and constantly improving to provide the best manufacturing possible.  Including Rhino's longest tenured employee of over 20 years, this group has helped to implement some very robust and unique QA procedures.  We look forward to showing you first hand how Rhino ensures that your product will be right, every time.

Supply Chain and Shipping Group:
Rhino has one full time buyer and planner, and several assistants; focused on finding cost effective purchase strategies to maximize the returns to our customer.  We have a long standing history of passing savings on to our customers when they are found.
Our shipping team is made up of 3 full time individuals.  Moving manufactured product to-and-from processing vendors; inventory management and controls; receipt and management of raw materials; packaging and kitting finished parts for order fulfillment; shipping and delivering to our customers.  With a large base of local customers, our drivers are often the most recognizable face of our business.  Making daily deliveries, we often hear from customers and vendors what a pleasure it is to see and hear from their Rhino driver.

Executive Team:
Our executive management team is a diverse group of 5.  A representation of the rest of the Rhino team, they all have specific yet overlapping skills and knowledge base that build off of each other and contribute to our successful ability to service our customers.  With a combined manufacturing experience of over 110 years and a youngest age of 30 years old, this group consistently brings industry knowledge and fresh ideas to our customers and the rest of our team.