Brine Mixers

Stainless Steel Brine Mixers are a powerful solution for improving efficiency in in the food production line.  Brine preparation is often a bottle neck on the process line, with valuable hours of run time for mixers and injectors being lost while waiting on the next batch.

Planning a right-sized brine mixing system is often the best solution for rapid, consistent, homogenized brine.  Depending on standard batch size / volume of brine needed per hour / capacity to mix versus hold brine; a brine system might consist of one or more brine mixers and/or holding tanks, each sized from 100-500 gallons or larger for custom applications.

Typically fabricated out of highly corrosion resistant 316SS for salt brine, our brine mixers are all manufactured using food grade components.

Standard benefits of Rhino Brine Mixers and Holding Tanks:
100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 gallon standard size tanks.  Utilizing powerful 3hp and 5hp SS316 Centrifugal Pumps, these mixers quickly homogenize any brine solution.  Tri-Clover Ferule Clamp fittings allow for rapid disassembly and re-assembly for sanitary cleaning between batches.  Anti-microbial welds and surfaces with bead blasted finish. 1/4 turn butterfly valves are standard for ease of operation.  Venturi drawn, induction hopper is standard for the brine mixers; omitted for holding tank configuration.

Typical additional options for Rhino Brine Mixers and Holding Tanks:
Integrally welded, glycol cooled dimple dimple jackets.Hinged Lid with flanged splash guard ring.  Top Mounted, emulsifying agitation mixer.  External site gauge.  Electric control panel in UL listed 4X enclosure.  Custom size tanks and frames.  Modular Frame mounts and fork lift skid bases.  Hydraulic powered product dumper, for top loading configuration instead of induction hopper.

Brine Mixers with or without Glycol Cooling Jackets:

Brine Mixer w Glycol JacketBrine Mixer w out Glycol Jacket