Tanks & Reservoirs

The team at Rhino has been designing and building fuel tanks, gas tanks and water reservoirs for several decades.

Here are a few of the tank products and projects we have assisted with:

Aluminum USCG Fabricated Fuel Tank

These Aluminum Fuel Tanks are an example of tanks that we build for the marine industry.  Thousands of boats are manufactured in the Pacific Northwest every year; and EPA requirements drive much of the Marine Industry to look for fabricated tanks as the best option.  While our customer base is not limited to the NW, our local customers find a distinct advantage in our abilities to stock their production tanks.  We build dozens or hundreds of a given tank model per year, stocking these tanks allow our boat building customers the ability to drastically cut their inventory levels and rest assured in fixed and reliable lead times.  This inventory also allows for emergency orders for same day lead time if necessary.

These specific tanks are fabricated from 0.125", 0.190" and 0.250" Aluminum, 5052-H32. 

Both MIG and TIG are used to weld these tanks.  Each type of weld and joint configuration has a strictly controlled weld processes, where both the process and welders are qualified in performance.
All Aluminum Fuel Tanks for the Marine Industry are built in accordance with USCG 33CFR.

Powder coated steel diesel tanks, and spill containment reservoirs are the back bone of an over-the-road chassis that our customer designed.  These tanks and reservoirs are utilized in the remote landscapes of the North American oil fields.  Extremely limited access for servicing and strict EPA requirements mean that these tanks and reservoirs have to be fabricated to the highest quality standards. As an order based project, Rhino needed to work with our customer, vendors and in-house experts to set create weld processes and quality standards on initial builds.  There have been only 35 of these units built to date, and all field units are maintaining impeccable performance.

Custom built Stainless Steel reservoirs are worth the extra material cost for this manufacturers project.  Exposed to high temperatures and a corrosive road environment, these tanks are fabricated from SS304.  We are able to apply a production mentality and and best practices to provide cost effective manufacturing on projects as small as dozens of units.

Fabricated Diesel Fuel Tank
Aluminum Powerdercoated Gas Tank

The intricate engineering design on these Steel Hydraulic Tanks and small gallon Aluminum Fuel Tanks are a challenging build.  Built from Aluminum 5052 and Mild Steel; powder coated for appearance and corrosion protection. We fabricate up to 50 of each of these tanks per week.  Provided in a time and space savings kitted packaging solution and delivered to the assembly line of a large OEM manufacturer in Portland, OR.  Originally designed to be roto-molded plastic; our customers' engineering team found the flexibility of design change in a fabricated tank to be of greater value.  Our ability to prototype, hit production rates and make in-process revision changes helped this customer successfully launch their new product world wide.

These Hydraulic and Gas Tanks are a sampling of dozens of part numbers manufactured for a Washington based OEM.  With dozens of part numbers, up to 100 tanks needed per day, and several production facilities; our ability to manage inventory for a customer is invaluable on this product.  Building per a forecast versus actual demand is a challenge for any business.  Maintaining quality and service while supporting those production swings proves near impossible for many manufacturers.  The team at Rhino has a long history of working together, both in-house and with customers and vendors to service even the most challenging of production scenarios.