Glycol Cooling Jackets

Dimpled Glycol Cooling Jackets manufactured at Rhino are a crossover between two of our standard products lines.  Primarily used in the food and beverage industry to maintain or reduce temperatures in mixing tanks and holding vats; these heat exchanging jackets are made of food grade 316SS for corrosive environments, or 304SS where salt is not part of the process.

The dimple jackets provide support structure and surface area for glycol chilling.  Our customers have found our dimpled jacket solution is both a more flexible and cost effective option than typical pillow plate manufacturing. Welded per strictly controlled and approved processes, all jackets are pressure tested to guarantee performance.  We have standard size jackets available, and can create custom size solutions as well. 

We manufacture dimple cooling jackets both as integral components for tanks, and as an after-market add on for upgrading existing units to glycol chilling.

Dimple Jackets can be designed into mixers, fermentation tanks, holding tanks, bright tanks and other reservoirs.

Glycol Jacket Heat Exchanger